5 tips for the amateur caregiver

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 Caregiver Tip 1

Be prepared: Gather information from the health-care team or from caregiver groups on caring for your loved ones. Document your loved ones personal, medical and care information in CareRelay app portal.

 Caregiver Tip 2

Manage your time and your tasks, and delegate responsibilities. CareRelay app portal helps break significant problems or tasks into smaller ones, then distribute the load the load among the members in the circles of care you created in the app.

 Caregiver Tip 3

Set aside time for other loved ones and friends. Use CareRelay app portal to help make sure you communicate the needs of the patient loved one. Giving you the family caregiver more me time and the break you need.

 Caregiver Tip 4

Take a break and pamper yourself: go for a walk, have a massage, see a movie, take a hot bath, or visit a friend – whatever you enjoy doing and find relaxing. If you are worried about leaving your loved one alone, use CareRelay app portal help schedule others on trusted care tea, to come by while you are away. Use the app find who is near feature to see your closest circle member.

 Caregiver Tip 5

Use CareRelay app portal to create a caregivers group or reach out to public support groups. You may find it helpful to talk with other families; Some may be able to help you in your family circle.


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