Company Profile

Life Care Portal is a startup company that allows people who are looking for a simplified way to manage the care of a parent, child or sibling that requires long-term care. We help provide clarity for the circle of the care team, involved in tasks surrounding improving the quality of life for a loved one.

Built on real experience to solve the real world problem. In response to these realities, the LifeCare Portal has been created to provide a central point of information in the care and management process.

The purpose of designing the online LifeCare Portal is to give the family members, medical professionals, doctors and caregivers the platform for maintaining, finding and sharing care quality information. It also connects out to service business like Uber to provide extra support.agement process.

What is LifeCare Portal

LifeCare is an online portal for helping manage the long-term care of family members. Its purpose is to be the repository for all the data records surrounding caring for a long-term care person. LifeCare improves communication between other family members, medical professional, caregivers. It provides accountability across many touchpoints – appointments, medical records, daily schedules, legal and information and general data for the betterment of patient care.

The LifeCares Portal is the starting point for managing the long-term care of a loved one. Providing patient document management, planning, and scheduling of resources, a wide range of resources and tools for ageing, eldercare and long-term care.

The product contains several sections and user types for the management of the patient. As well as tools and tips for the onboarding of information about the patient and to get the participation of other person support, such as family members, friends, professional caregivers, doctors and other professionals.

The key goals of the solution are to improve communication and accountability of those involved in the care of the patient. Provide a central easy to access repository of data about the patient. Tools to help family/professionals/caregivers cope with critical or long-term care issues.

Why LifeCare Portal

No one wants to think they will need long-term care. We don’t want to plan for it, even though millions of us are, or will suffer from multiple chronic illnesses.

To add to the problem, we are living longer and need to learn to cope with fragmented families, increasing care costs, and the worrisome inedibility of care crisis for ourselves or someone we care about.

The issue electronic medical records being provided to the patient is that a senior citizen or a person with a long-term chronic illness cannot logically retrieve the information and understand its impact. Additionally, it’s an island of information isolated from family members who are responsible for the primary care of the patient. I believe my personal experience as a primary caregiver for a senior citizen with chronic illnesses is an advantage to solving the problem of how to design a personal EMR that is user-friendly, improves collaboration between the various people responsible for the primary care and secondary care. This improvement in cooperation has the benefit of improving accountability for those assigned tasks.

We want this EMR to be specifically for family and primary caregivers so that they can feel they are in control of the health care of their loved ones. When they are involved in the medical decisions and can visually see how certain things are affecting the patient’s bodies, it leads to better outcomes and healthier lifestyles. They are better prepared for how to deal with the possible health issues that come up in the future and can learn how to prevent these problems it is a learning tool just as much as it is an organizational tool.

LifeCare – Microsoft Bizspark Plus Partner

LifeCare Portal Inc got qualified for Microsoft BizSpark in its early stage and was, in fact, the best time to get such an acceleration. … By January’17, we were selected for BizSpark program, On September’17 we were one of fifty startup companies selected for BizSpark Plus.  BizSpark Plus is offered to a select number of start-ups or scale-ups considered to have a high growth potential in their markets. In this upgrade, LifeCare Portal has been awarded $360,000 of Azure cloud services over three years, as well as technical support and a range of other services as well as international visibility. Internationally BizSpark program involves a wide network of companies: approximately 2.300 partners and 45 000 members from more than 100 different countries.