Create your family care team

Create your family care team, then assign and delegate tasks and services.

LifeCare is an HIPAA-compliant, online portal for helping the management of the long-term care of family members. Its purpose is to be the primary repository for the data records necessary for providing care for any long-term family member or dependent person. LifeCare improves communication between other family members, medical professional, and caregivers. It gives accountability across many touchpoints – appointments, medical records, daily schedules, legal and related information as well as general data for the betterment of patient care.

And when you need outside support, our integrations with third-party partners can get groceries delivered, order an Uber for mom’s doctor appointment, or get a referral to our network of professional service providers for life planning or daily support.

The principal goals of the solution are to improve communication and accountability of those involved in the care of the patient while providing an easy to use a centrally accessed repository of data about the patient. Tools that will enable family/ professionals/caregivers to cope with critical or long-term care issues.


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