Disrupt In-Home Senior Care

The Home Care Reality

The statistics are daunting when it comes to home care for older persons. There are some 55 million adults taking care of their parents, with over 2 million caregivers.

And close to 92% of adults when surveyed would rather live in their own home as opposed to a nursing home. The fact is that in a large percentage of cases, family members have difficulty caring for a senior relative, so searching for a caregiver is a necessity.

While there are tens of thousands of agencies across the country that can match you with a caregiver, there is no customization of the process, and you have no way of seeing what’s going on when you are not home. There is no solution like Lifecare Portal to help you manage the care of your parent and all the tasks and people involved in that care.

A considerable need — and opportunity — exists in the $80 billion in-home senior care market, which today has a poorly organized workforce and a customer base often with chronic medical illnesses who may not receive the best possible care. There is also no one except Lifecare Portal providing the family with the tools to support the care of their loved one.

Without the proper tools for the families, and without the support from the caregivers themselves, there had to be another answer to providing high-quality home care for seniors.

We have focused on building a technology platform that is simple to use and that supports the family caregivers and empowers them to do the best job possible, at the same time creating transparency for the rest of the family so they can see what’s happening real-time in the home with mom or dad.



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