Wish I had LifeCare Sooner

This is a story from one of our new users:

It’s challenging to have a parent who has Alzheimer’s.  Mom needs special care from someone who knows how to handle the many stages of this disease.  We have a few hours of help in the morning to get Mom ready for the day, but it’s not easy to keep track of all her needs.  This platform helps organize all my families duties reappointments, meds and who’s able to be with Mom.

Wish I had this portal to help my Dad before he passed away.  He had a lot of medical challenges.  Trying to organize all this can be overwhelming and to do it alone and working as well is almost impossible.  Thank goodness it was easier for the caregiver to help by having all this information in one place when designating the tasks at hand.

The medical information was available immediately to the person who attended mom’s doctor visits or any emergency hospital visits.  Mom’s private and personal legal information was close at hand as well and could only be accessed by the people closest to Mom.  Most of the time people aren’t prepared when the most challenging times occur.


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