Caregivers continue to be the unsung heroes of our health-care system. Amature caregiver is an essential part of many patients’ journeys, complementing the work of health-care professionals and providing countless hours of dedicated service to their family, friends and neighbours.

There are many issues and barriers the amateur caregiver faces and LifeCare Portal has figured out how to empower and support them. We help them coordinate care among, family, friends, neighbours and professionals. Appointments, tasks, reminders, family decision board, and document management everything the caregivers need to distribute their workload, provide peace of mind and reduce stress for everyone while improving communication.

There are more than eight-million Canadians and sixty-five-million Americans providing care to a family member or friend with a long-term health condition, disability or ageing needs. Sixty percent are also juggling the demands of paid work and their own family. They are sandwiched between both and suffer from stress-related ailments.

LifeCare Portal is here to help reduce that burden of stress.