CareRelay is a significant step forward in
the future of healthcare in North America.


Founded in December 2016 LifeCare Portal Inc. (LCP) is a privately held Canadian corporation. LCP recognized the growing need, through personal and professional experience, for a system to help informal caregivers with the day to day care and management of loved ones.

LCP developed to improve the lives of caregivers, reducing the stress and illness which leads to approximately $25.2B US in lost productivity annually, as well as the roughly $17B US annual cost of hospital readmissions, by providing a centralized information and communication hub that will change lives for the better. and its network of healthcare and technology partners along with members of the community desire to change the future of healthcare in North America. By providing solutions to the approximately 65 million Americans who support loved ones as they age in place.

In collaboration with our partners, in healthcare and technology, CareRelay’s online portal and mobile app provide unobtrusive and timely services such as Uber, meal delivery, personal care and professional services.

LCP received initial funding to develop the CareRelay portal, a beta web and mobile app with Microsoft Azure; we allocated ninety percent of the funds in development. It took our agile team of skilled developers 13 months to produce the first publicly available beta system.

Our management team includes leaders with experience in business development, including as global CITOs, with expertise in multiple industries including Financial and Healthcare Technology.

CareRelay’s revenue model includes corporate and individual user licenses, integration with third-party services and devices, as well as the monetizing of aggregate data from users for data mining purposes.


Target Market

For B2B opportunities our primary sales focus is on portal partners; North American-based organizations, who will add the CareRelay offering to the benefits they provide to employees or member associates including; insurance companies, associations, unions, governments, corporations through employee assistance programs.

Also, we will offer the B2C market a series of multi-tiered subscription plans, including a premium plan that will support integration with third-party health apps and devices, home automation and communication such as Amazon Alexa and affinity marketing for relevant service providers. An API hub will allow third-party applications to share data and integrate with CareRelay.

For both these markets, the focus will be on females age 40 to 60, which research has shown is the market segment most responsible for care-giving of ageing parents.

The potential market to reach is vast. It is estimated one-third of adults aged 40 – 60 have care-giving responsibilities for parents ageing at home, the majority of whom also are engaged in paid, often full-time, work.

Start-Up Associations and Memberships

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